Digital Marketing

When television, radio and newspapers  were the medium for marketers to reach the people, management gurus and marketing professionals invested a lot and hardly got any analytics about their investment. Many of the top brands and millionaires were getting a lot of benefits  with the help of this , what we call as ‘traditional’ advertising. Small, Medium scale entrepreneurs were finding it really difficult to find a place to advertise at the lower cost which should also give them proper R.O.I(Return On Investment).

Era Of Social Media:

A new era started which slowly is graphing now and occupying the pie of ‘advertising’ to a greater extent. This opened to a larger number of opportunities for the people who established their business through the digital world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pintrest, Foursquare, slideshare,YouTube Blogger are the one among few which are highly popular and effective and we are expecting more better than the said in the near future .Management gurus relearned the way of marketing and very young Philip Kotler’s buzzed in the nook and corner of the towns and some noted social media marketing professionals include Shama Kabani, Lewis Homes (kindly follow these people in Facebook or twitter to stay tuned with the fast changing marketing practices)and lot more to set rule  marketing in the digital world. New young advertisement agencies started growing like a mushroom in every part of the city and they were very well unnoticed by so called ‘Giants’ in Advertising’ initially but later which made them to get feared and tried extremely difficult to extend their wings in social media.

A boon for Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs:

This social media platforms have been so friendly and a boon for business as they started filling the gaps, what televisions, Radio and Paper couldn’t.  Their main advantages were:

1)Proper analytics

2)Low spending for advertisements

3)Global Reach

4) Easy to track R.O.I

Growth of Mobile Phone Usage:

It becomes cliche to again point out the growth of internet and it is really obvious to see its growth. More interesting fact lies here is Mobile phone usage is growing at a significant phase but yet we dont have a very viable and interesting advertisements  in mobile except advertising via applications .We are sure 2013 will still find a greater value for mobile marketing and new companies penetrating in it in a different way which will be more efficient.

Future of Advertising:

There is no need question regarding the future of advertising as it is obvious that “Digital” will start occupying a greater pie leaving television, radio and print behind.

What you can expect from this blog:

Entire digital marketing stuffs which can be useful for agencies, students and  entrepreneurs will be made available to you all. Faster updates and better deep understanding of every individual medium will be presented here, for everyone to develop a better knowledge in digital marketing.


Social Media Strategist


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